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ZIM NEWS for JavaScript HTML Canvas Coding

ZIM Cat 04 has launched - see the UPDATES. Explore ZIM CAT features and ZIM TEN features. Or press on OwMe for a tour of ZIM Cat!


Each main feature we launch, we make a BUBBLING VIDEO. There are now 150! See also the latest ZIM EXPLORE and CODE IN 5 MINUTES playlists! Find our vids in footer of every page!

ZIM Bubbling Videos on YouTube - what's new!


Dr Abstract Medium Articles - guides to the Canvas and beyond!
It took Dr Abstract a summer to write a definitive series of Guides for the Canvas:


Dr Abstract's DEV articles are shorter on specific topics - please follow and heart!

Dr Abstract Dev articles - short posts on the exciting canvas javascript techniques


Please say hi on our new DISCORD SERVER where we are holding a weekly Q&A on Wednesdays 7pm EST! SLACK is still going strong with over 30,000 messages and both places offer community and support. We would love your follows and hearts on TWITTER and your donations on PATREON (if able) where we keep a community blog. Our complete set of social links is in the footer.

ZIM on Discord - community with questions and answers q&A

We are also holding monthly ZIM ZOOM meets! Keep an eye on the schedule and we hope you join us! We use ZIM PROJECTS as our backdrops ;-).

ZIM Zoom meets - schedules for video meets on creating with code on the canvas with ZIMjs and JavaScript