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Creative Coding Lessons

LESSON 01 - Display Objects

Classes, Objects, Parameters, Variables, Scope, Statements, Dot Syntax, Chaining, Stage, Shapes, Transformations (x, y, rotation, scale, skew, registration), Components (Label, Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, Pane, Window, Waiter, Indicator, Stepper, Slider, Dial, Tabs, ColorPicker, Keyboard, Loader, TextArea)

LESSON 02 - Configuration Objects and Animation

Literals, Object Literals, Configuration Objects as a Parameter, Animation (properties, time, easing, wait, loop, rewind, sequence, series)

LESSON 03 - Functions and Events

Functions, Parameters, Return, Scope, Function Literal, Anonymous Functions, Timeout, Interval, Events, Types of Events, Event Objects

LESSON 04 - Abstraction

Abstraction, Organization, General to Specific, Classification, Composition, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Abstraction with Variables, Functions and Classes

LESSON 05 - Arrays and Loops

Arrays, Accessing and Changing Arrays, Array Properties and Methods, Multidimensional Arrays, Objects (Classification) or Arrays (Composition), Loops, For Loop, Continue, Break, While Loop, ZIM Loop, Looping Arrays, Looping Objects, Looping Containers, Abstraction with Arrays

LESSON 06 - Conditionals and Debugging

Logic, Conditionals (if, else, else if), Operators, Boolean Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, Random Numbers, Debugging, Console, Syntax Errors, Tips

LESSON 07 - Templates and Building

Frame, Scaling, Templates, Loading Assets (Images, Sound, Fonts), Removing Security Errors, Building Steps, Efficiencies, Hard Coding, Order, Build Examples, Patterns, Build Techniques (Collections, Snapping, Proportions, Damping, Tiling, Controls, Components, Progress Bars)

LESSON 08 - Controls

Controls, Constants (Animate, Optimize, ActionEvent), Ticker, Control Classes (Accessibility, Swipe, Pages, Layout, HotSpots, Grid, Guide, TransformManager, Parallax, Scroller, Dynamo, Accellerator, Swiper, MotionController (Keyboard, GamePad, Mouse), Partical Emitter, SoundWave, Portal, VR)