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ZIM is a Coding Framework where you can quickly make art, games, puzzles, apps, etc. called Zapps! These can be saved to the home screen of mobile devices and run as apps without a browser bar and even without Internet. See ZIM Mobile for a list of ZIM mobile features.

Also see the ZIM Bubbling video: Make PWA mobile apps with ZIM Zapps

Progressive Web Apps

Click here for the ZIM PWA Tool which will ask for:

  1. information about your app
  2. your ZIM app page
  3. and an icon image
You will receive a ZIP of the files you need for a Progressive Web App:
  • zapp.html code to paste into your app
  • manifest.json file
  • service worker js file
  • icons directory with scaled icons
  • library directory with CreateJS and ZIM
  • readme.txt with instructions