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ZIM NFT for JavaScript HTML Canvas Coding

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token which means that ownership of something such as digital art can be stored on the "blockchain" and not messed with. The art can be sold and re-sold for crypto currency and a percentage of each sale goes to the creator. All this is automated.

CryptoPunks NFT

This is an amazing opportunity for digital creators and collectors. Beeple's Art sold for $69 Million. Crypto Punks are selling for Millions and could have been made with ZIM.

Teia Art - hic et nunc - what does it mean?  Here and Now - NFT Web App supporting interactive Non-Fungible Tokens

The Web app Teia Art (formerly hic et nunc) stores contracts on the Tezos Blockchain and supports Interactive NFTs. See the first (more valuable) ZIM NFT called BLOOB.

An Invite for Generative Art Makers and Interactive Artists Beyond Processing / p5.js

Here is an Invite for Generative Art Makers and Interactive Artists to go beyond Processing.

Here is a Guide to Creating Interactive NFTs on Medium. Please give them some claps!

It is easy to make a ZIM NFT once you have a wallet and some Tezos. Below are the steps to make a ZIM NFT followed by the steps to get a wallet. We will call what you are making a Zapp - this can be a ZIM game, art, puzzle, app, etc.

Making a ZIM Interactive NFT
  1. make a folder to store your Zapp
  2. call your starting page index.html
  3. code your Zapp like usual (in FIT, FILL or FULL) but...
  4. there are to be NO outside links or data calls
  5. so include local images, ZIM and supporting libraries
  6. add a meta tag with property="og:image" content="yourpromo.jpg"
  7. see the ZIM NFT source or here is a ZIP of the template
  8. ZIP the folder and upload to Teia Art under > OBJKT (mint)
  9. decide how many editions to mint and royalties to collect
  10. pay about $0.25 from your wallet to mint the NFT OBJKT
Getting a Wallet and Tezos
  1. get a Kukai Wallet (free and easy)
  2. ask Dr Abstract on Slack to send you some Tezos
  3. provide your wallet address (this is seriously the easiest way)
  4. but if you want enough crypto to collect art then...
  5. buy Bitcoin, for example $100 - art is often a couple dollars
  6. how you buy Bitcoin is different in each Country
  7. for instance, in Canada, use Newton
  8. trade Bitcoin for Tezos (XTZ) on an exchange such as Binance
  9. transfer Tezos to Kukai wallet. If on Binance...
  10. go to Wallet > Fiat and Spot > find XTZ > Withdraw to Kukai ID


Dr Abstract has minted 100 editions of ZIM NFT which is ZIM captured in crypto on the Interplanetary File System. It is at once a magnificent collectible and a prototype for making NFTs with the framework.

ZIM NFT on Teia - hic et nunc

Collecting a free ZIM NFT
  1. you need a Wallet to collect NFTs
  2. here are the steps again if needed...
  3. get a Kukai Wallet (free and easy)
  4. ask Dr Abstract on Slack to send you some Tezos
  5. provide your wallet address (this is seriously the easiest way)
  6. go to ZIM NFT OBJKT on Teia
  7. press on COLLECT at the right under the Editions
  8. open your Wallet in another window and confirm the interaction
  9. wait on the OBJKT page for notification to go away
  10. go to account > manage assets > collection to see your NFT!

ZIM NFT on Teia - hic et nunc

To sell your ZIM NFT
  1. one day, you may want to sell your ZIM NFT
  2. go to your Teia (formerly hic et nunc) account > manage assets > collection
  3. select the ZIM NFT
  4. choose SWAP and set a price
  5. contact the buyer or post the sale on social media, etc.
  6. it is our hope that one day these will be valuable
  7. so look for opportunities in a few years
  8. do not just abandon and ignore your NFT
Gadget Minters - Art Collective for making Interactive NFT Gadgets

Gadget Minters is a collective who make and sell interactive gadget NFTs. If you make gadgets and would like to join, please contact Dr Abstract on Slack or Discord. Being part of a collective, we can trade each other's NFTs build awareness.

Gadget Minters - Art Collective for making Interactive NFT Gadgets

Here are the Current Gadgets minted by ZIM Founder Dr Abstract.

Read NFT posts with Dr Abstract on Facebook.

Dr Abstract