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ZIM Effects ZIM Layout Responsive Adaptive Design ZIM Survey ZIM Dev - Site for Developers ZIM Book - Interactive Page Turner! ZIM LabelLetters - Now with text HTML tags ZIM Generator - Relative Drawing Commands ZIM Lab - code ZIM in Browser ZIM Connectors - dots, nodes, hierarchy ZIM Flipper - Turn over cards ZIM Socket - Multiuser Relaunched! ZIM Synth - Synth, Slider Dial updates, wire ZIM wire - connect object properties ZIM TextEditor - change properties of Label button toggleBackgroundColor ZIM SynthPad - Multitouch Selector ZIM Poly - hexagon, octogon, etc. ZIM asset - assets without preload Synth play and tone ZIM Page - plus Emitter transitions on Pages ZIM Line - optional ends, stroke options ZIM Scrambler - mix and solve any Tile ZIM Base - connect ZIM Bind to database