Navigation for the ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework

ZIM featured puzzle - animates lovely repeating lines with colors making generative art - then cuts up into squares and scrambles them into a puzzle that can be dragged and solved to then cut up and animate into another puzzle! ZIM now supports ES6 JavaScript modules - these examples show ZIM, game, physics, socket, 3D, cam, pizzazz and test modules Comparison graph of ZIM versus other environments/frameworks such as HTML/CSS/JS, PixiJS, P5js, Flutter, Phaser, PaperJS with ZIM averaging 37% the code now, record connectors for connect the dots, joining boxes, making hierarchy diagrams ZIM Editor for online viewing of demos and example code and learning to programming with JavaScript Canvas and ZIMjs ZIM Pack to pack in a bunch of pics or any DisplayObjects filled with options!!! ZIM Theme for adjusting colors and greyscales to themes like ZIM, HTML, future, invert, greyscale, neon, seventies and warm loop with an interval set with ZIM loop - amazing conveniences! automatic management of Grid, Guide, Layout and Pages ZIM Carousel for easy display of features and promos with swipe, arrows and cycling software soft numpad for the canvas keyboard ZIM Pen is industry leading in generative art creation now with a pull effect to help visualize easing A ZIM down state has been added to buttons, this one showing cute lips when pressing down A new ZIM template is available through Frame which uses a ready callback inserted before the assets parameter and inclused F, S, W and H global variables for frame, stage, width and height ZIM Rectangle (and Button, etc.) now supports custom corner radius for horizontal and vertical using an array of the two ZIM has a new content parameter for Pane, Window and Panel that makes pop-up type confirm or submit screens easy! We have divided up ZIM asset() into Pic(), Aud(), Vid() and SVG() and made a global PATH variable ZIM can now key out colors and leave Bitmaps or Video clear - or replace the color with another ZIM has a new gradient-style color picker along with color dropper ZIM now provides a Pixel class that makes turning images and video into pixels easy!  Here we use sliders to adjust settings as we pixilate a picture of Dr Abstract - making him look quite abstract! Here we make an emitter follow the mouse and pixilate the effect in real-time - wow!