Pragma says coding can be fiddly diddly but funtastic!

Creative Coding

JavaScript tutorials for Kids Coding Camps and Workshops

THING 01 Block Head!

Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, Blob, Squiggle, color, drag, transform, Bezier, Stage, Container, center, centerReg, mov, Button, click event, functions, variables, arrays, classes, objects, methods, properties, dot syntax, rotation, scale, animation, wiggle, min, max

THING 02 Random!

Random, Arrays, variables, functions, Colors, ColorPicker, Rectangle, Tile, Container, loop, position, center, Frame, assets, Images, shuffle, animate, MotionController, Keyboard, hitTests, animate, scale

THING 03 Explosions!

Particle Emitter, Rectangle, Circle, mousedown event, sounds, Bitmaps (pictures), animate, wiggle, registration points, random, functions, variables, conditionals, loops, arrays, Label, score, timer, interval, Scroller, Container

THING 04 Scribbler!

Drawing with code, animation (properties, time, wait, ease, from, sequence), wiggle, positioning, rotating, registration points, events, custom Shape, Container, Damping (smooth!), components (Label, Button, Slider, Dial, ColorPicker)