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Interactive Media

Interactive Media includes Web sites, apps, games, puzzles, e-learning, art and visualizations with code. Web Development is a child of Interactive Media but we often consider it a sibling and differentiate on purpose:
  • Web Development - Information - DOM
  • Interactive Media - Expression - Canvas
Dr Abstract, ZIM Founder, teaches Interactive Media at Sheridan College. Please see below.

Sheridan College - Ontario, Canada
Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada

Sheridan Interactive Media is a one-year post-grad program
The program currently is called Interactive Media Management - we are protesting the government-assigned "Management" for all post grads

Dr Abstract is the founder of ZIM and teaches at Sheridan College as Dan Zen - Professor of Interactive Media.
If you are interested in applying to our program, please the Official Site. We would love to see you in class!
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