ZIM - Zapp! Code and Learn Coding with ZIM for JavaScript and HTML Canvas with CreateJS


Prizeria Compet ($2020) to make ZIM Zapps!

ZIM NEWS for JavaScript HTML Canvas Coding

ZIM is a Coding Framework where you can quickly make art, games, puzzles, apps, etc. called Zapps! This is a compet (small competition) to award $202 for the best Zapp of the month from February to November 2020.


We have created a series of ZIM Missions to use various features of ZIM. To enter, join ZIM Slack and post a link to your Zapp on the #missions channel. CodePen is an excellent place to host your Zapp or use any Web URL. Click the image to see the Missions.

Code Missions (tasks) with ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework
Join ZIM SLACK (free and easy) to get Mission Parameters!

The judges will base their score on creativity and relevance of the Zapp to the Mission.

Ami Hanya
Valeria Valoueva
Frank Los
Cleo Lant


ZIM is featured on the CodePen Topics section which is a great resource for coding with ZIM. There is also the ZIM Learn page with ZIM Skool.

Fine Print
There are ten prizes at $202 Canadian Dollars. These will be awarded through PayPal or e-Transfer. Winners will receive prizes within two weeks of working out contact details in a Slack private message. There will be no more than TWO prizes awarded to the same person. Judges may change throughout the contest. ZIM is not associated with CodePen (but it is cool), React, Vue or D3.js. Zapp ™ is a ZIM game, puzzle, artwork, app, etc.