ZIM - mobile and e-learning apps with ZIMjs components for JavaScript and HTML Canvas with CreateJS

Dr. Abstract explains and defines UI UX user interface and user experience for the HTML Canvas with JavaScript, CreateJS and ZIMjs interactive media framework Puzzles are perfect for making with ZIM. Puzzles help people escape the woes of the world! Word puzzles, number challenges, matching games, memory classics, pattern play, etc. Select MORE for ideas and how ZIM can help!


Countless puzzles have been made with code and many types have been made with ZIM. Here are some examples:
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Memory Puzzles
  • Sequence Puzzles
  • Word Search Puzzles
  • Hangman and Word Scrambles
  • Mathematical Puzzles
  • Spot the Differences
  • Find the Objects
  • Connect the Pipes
  • Mazes
  • Locked Room Puzzles
  • Mysteries


ZIM along with CreateJS and JavaScript provide the following that help us build puzzles:
  • Variables for memory
  • Arrays for collections
  • Conditionals for logic
  • Random numbers for variety
  • Canvas tag for display
  • Classes, Objects, Methods, Properties
  • LocalStorage for saving local data

  • CreateJS
  • Stage placed on the Canvas
  • Containers for organizing
  • Display Objects for visuals
  • Preloading and Sounds
  • Events for interactivity
  • Ticker and a hit test
  • Tween animation

  • ZIM
  • Easy shapes - Circle, Rectangle, Triangle
  • Scrambler and Flipper for Puzzles and Matching
  • Single Line drag and drop with boundary
  • Swiping, gesture and transforms
  • Multiple types of hit tests
  • Integrated animation and wiggle
  • Pick class for dynamic parameters
  • Components for interface
  • Label for lots of control over text
  • Keyboard for custom input
  • Tile for... tiling
  • rand() for ranges
  • shuffle() to randomize arrays
  • loop() for efficiencies
  • SelectionSet for multiple selections
  • Paths and dragging on paths
  • Integrated physics
  • Async for loading from server
  • Wonder for tracking puzzle times, etc.
  • MotionController for mouse, keys, or gamepad
"Love working with ZIM! Just finished going thru the 64 Zim Bits - very cool stuff!" - Dan Loranz

In the mood for a challenge?
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Vault 8 Break-in Puzzle
Vault 8 Break-in Puzzle sequel to Vault 7

Vault 7 Break-in Puzzle
Vault 7 Break-in Puzzle

Vault 6 Break-in Puzzle prequel to Vault 7
Vault 6 Break-in Puzzle prequel to Vault 7

Chop any picture to make a jigsaw-like puzzle
Use ZIM Scrambler to make Easy Puzzles from any picture!

Make Flip Concentration-type matching games with ZIM Flipper
Easily make a Concentration Matching Game with ZIM Flipper!

Plazma Points collectable puzzle
Collect PlazmaPoints - fun collectables!

three.js first person puzzle with textureactive
ZIM First Person Tube Puzzle for three.js

three.js puzzle on phone with textureactive
ZIM 3D Model Phone Puzzle for three.js

Tea Bugs Path Puzzle collect cubes, around cups
Tea Bugs Path Puzzle collect cubes, around cups

Secret Letters Meme Making Game
Send Secret Letter memes

Any drawing can be a Maze with this clever technique
Any drawing can be a Maze with this clever technique

Nanora Logic Puzzle with cool story
Nanora Logic Puzzle with cool story

Sample Matching Puzzle for kids
Sample Matching Puzzle for kids