ZIM - Code and Learn Coding with ZIM for JavaScript and HTML Canvas with CreateJS


Make  Games  Puzzles   Apps     Art   and more with CODE
ZIM LEARN for JavaScript HTML Canvas Coding
  • Make a Browser or Mobile App, Game, etc. with just one page of text
  • New HTML Canvas for Wondrous Free-form Interactive Features
  • Code the Canvas with ZIM using the Popular and Powerful JavaScript
  • ZIM designed for all ~ Absolute Beginner to Absolute Professional
  • Tutorials, Workshops and Lessons prepared by ZIM Founder, Dan Zen
  • Canadian New Media Awards Programmer and Educator of the Year
ZIM is a free JavaScript framework for making Interactive Media on the HTML Canvas with easy shapes, drag and drop, hit tests, components like buttons, sliders, dials and more based on the robust CreateJS. ZIM should not be used for standard information sites - use normal HTML and CSS for this. See WHY ZIM

You will need a computer of any sort like a PC or Mac. A text editor preferably with syntax coloring (Atom, NotePad++, Sublime, VS Code, Brackets, DreamWeaver, etc.). And any modern browser such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge or Safari. Requirements have never been so freely available!
Copy the template from the CODE page or download the ZIM ZIP or see instructions at ZIM Frame.
Coding requires exact syntax (wording) so patience is needed. Coding also involves logic and is the best puzzle in the world. Enjoy the challenge and don't forget to revel when things work!

VIDEO SERIES :: Learn JavaScript with Creative Coding

The LEARN JAVASCRIPT WITH CREATIVE CODING video series follows the ZIM SKOOL lessons to provide an easy-to-follow way to learn the basics of JavaScript on the colorful HTML Canvas!
Learn JavaScript with Creative Coding

Lessons :: Creative Coding Lessons with Practice sections

Visit ZIM SKOOL for Creative Coding Lessons including colorful theory and practice for both left and right brain learners! There are introduction pages for STUDENTS and TEACHERS. The lessons are found HERE and are supported by the many TUTORIAL examples in ZIM Learn.
ZIM Skool Creative Coding Lessons ZIM Skool Creative Coding Lessons

Kids :: Creative Coding Tutorial Workshops for Kids

Visit ZIM KIDS for Creative Coding Workshop Tutorials including an easy online editor with code to follow and test right in the Browser. Tutorials are divided into PARTS, BUGS and THINGS and each tutorial has three levels. There is also MAGIC, SPELLS and SLATE pages to help you learn and practice!
ZIM Kids Creative Coding Tutorials ZIM Kids Creative Coding Tutorials

Tutorials :: Examples of code explained with comments or video

The official tutorials are broken up into BASIC, MID and ADVANCED levels below. If you have never coded before or you are interested in the philosophy of code, you may want to watch the CODE ZERO videos. If you are ready to get going with ZIM you might want to try the BADGES tutorials to make APPS and ART. Teachers, please see TEACH. Have a look at the TIPS as there are new effiencies with ZIM since the tutorials. All the latest features since the tutorials are at ZIM Bubbling! A helpful demo of what ZIM can do can be found on the new INTRO page!
Code Zero - Learn the Philosophy of Code! ZIM Badges - Steps to Make an App! ZIM Tips - Latest Code Advice and Techniques! ZIM Bubbling - Videos of all the latest features! ZIM Explore - Code explorations in ZIM! ZIM Intro - see a ZIM Demo!