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ZIM is a general Canvas Framework with simple, powerful JavaScript that lets everyone, from beginners to professionals, code creativity.

Designer Code


Start with the ZIM EDITOR and our easy code!

First Example of ZIM - centering and dragging a circle - in ZIM Editor

Application Uses

Make a variety of Interactive Wonders with ZIM! Select the banners below and expand their MORE button for how

GenArt - generative art and making computer art and visualizations with ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework Canvas Games with ZIM - 2D games, casual games, arcade games, espape games, minigames, flash games, games of chance, isometric games, physics games, simulations, action and educational games good for e-learning, advergaming and gamification Apps - desktop and mobile apps with JavaScript and Canvas - responsive and adaptive design with ZIM Layout class - swipe pages with ZIM Pages class - gesture control with ZIM Gesture for pinch, pan, and rotate UI UX - ZIM canvas components such as slider, dial, button, label, keyboard, color picker, check box, radio buttons, toggle, pane, window, layer, waiter, progress bar, tabs, pad, loader, text area and accessibility Data Visualization, charts, graphs on the Canvas with JavaScript and ZIM Interactive Advertising, admusements, advergaming engaging brands with the ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework Interactive Logo - play with branding to build engagement with the JavaScript Canvas and ZIMjs Escape Puzzles - challenge your curiousity, problem solving and intuition! Interactive Infographics - infoactives - with the ZIM JavaScript Canavas Framework Wonder Things - gadgets, widgets, inventions and features that defy description


ZIM TextureActive Studio - 2D Interactivity in 3D with ZIMjs and threejs


ZIM Zapp Store Mobile Apps with PWA - progressive web apps

Code Efficiency

ZIM requires, on average, 63% less code than its competitors

Partial Comparison between ZIM and other Frameworks with ZIM at 37% the code the developer codes


Fun to code, powerful and easy to learn - REVIEWS
The best choice to follow Scratch - ZIM KIDS
A quantum leap in speed and efficiency - ZIM DEVS
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